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Default Re: LA Noire coming to PC this Fall.

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Um no. The faces are not FMV... How would it be 100GB? Its not even 20GB on the consoles... High resolution textures wouldn't cause the storage to increase so dramatically.

There is a video regarding the making of this game. It turns out they used some new form of video capture system for the game. They showed all the actors while they were doing their scenes. They then turned around and showed the digitized version of the scene. It was freaking awesome!! The detail captured of the face as it changed with each word and such was just jaw dropping.

Unfortunately, Sony PS3 is starting to show its age. Bad. The PS3 couldn't handle the size of the textures necessary to handle the graphics both in terms of memory size and bandwidth. So, the game had to be scaled back. A lot. It was to the point the graphics were not quite... as jaw dropping.

It'll be interesting to see if the graphics are pumped back up to get back to the original versions. And if so, how close will the graphics be to the original. If they can get close to the original, then PC users will be in for a major treat.
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