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Default Re: LA Noire coming to PC this Fall.

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
Also LOLz at the people thinking the whole thing is FMV. It looks good, but not THAT good.
I hate to bust your bubble but that is not correct. The game uses MotionScan from Depth Analysis where actors are recorded ala FMV. Reading up on it a bit, it appears to be awesome technology but it's still FMV. There maybe some elements of the game that is not FMV (particularly the scenery...), but the majority of it is. It appears what was actually shown in the game had to be dumbed down quite a bit as the consoles couldn't handle the textures in the game. I'll restate an earlier comment I made: it will be interesting to see if the PC version uses enhanced graphics closer to the actual recorded video. If the PC version gets enhanced graphics, how close will they be to the actual recorded video?

One source

Regarding the storage space and 100 GigB comment earlier, that well maybe accurate. I did some quick research. It appears the game takes the equivelant of 3 DVD's which is about 20 Gigs of storage space spread across the three. Take into account the fact compression was probably used somewhere, the game may take anywhere form 50 to 100 Gigs. PS3 has a bluray player so those owners/users may not have noticed much.
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