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Default Re: TF2 now free to play/

I still play TF2 because I'm been playing Team Fortress since...well, before Half-Life came out.

I loved Team Fortress Classic, and when they shut the World Opponent Network down and began using Steam, I couldn't play for a long time. For some reason, my store-bought copy of Half-Life CD Key would not work, and after a month of trying to get Valve to help me, they finally told me to stop bothering and just buy another copy. That really pissed me off, so I didn't play TFC anymore. It was dead by the time I started playing any games over Steam.

My brother bought me the Orange Box on my birthday years later, and I started playing TF2. I'[ve never cared about hats or any of the other stuff, but I do like updates that bring new weapons. It keeps the game fresh and interesting. After this latest update, I've been using Demoman a LOT more, and not even using any guns. I'll charge this way, that way, and kill people with just my sword and shield. Until they REALLY screw the game up, I'll be playing it, and reminiscing about the good ol' days.
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