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Default Re: debating a second gtx 590 or two gtx 580 3gb's

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I had 3 GTX 580 3GBs and my 4.1GHz 980X was not fast enough for them.
Exactly, but it's probably great for two of them.

I used to be like the OP, until I tried to add a second 8800GTX to my AMD FX60 rig and saw I wasn't getting near the scaling the reviewers did with C2D processors.

I saw it again with the Phenom II 965 and SLi'd GTX480s and 2GB GTX560s.

A 4.1GHz i7 is a good enough cpu to get some scaling on the three 580s, but that H article showed 4.8 is better. I've always had a theory that NVIDIA GPU scaling looks worse than ATi's at times because the GPU starts out at higher performance for a single GPU, and the smaller percentage of scaling is a function of the multiple GPUs being more CPU limited.

This article seems to prove out my theory; however, I don't know if I agree 100% with Kyle's assertion the ATi cards are more efficient is a preferable situation. While it is good they achieve their maximum level of performance with less CPU power, what about people like you who need more graphics power? The performance of the NVIDIA GPUs appears to keep climbing as more CPU speed is applied, which is a good thing for people trying to run extreme resolutions like you are. (or 3d Vision surround or 3d Surround with Physx)
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