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Default Re: 96.43.19 and XOrg 1.10.1

Gusar : so what ? Are you so happy of having found something interesting to say that you have to underline twice how clever you are and how stupid are everyone here asking for basic support for the cards they _paid_ ? Stop congratulating yourself.
People don't care whom the fault is, what they see is that the company they purchased a card from isn't even able to catch up with new Xorg developments -- and we're already in late June, maybe for Christmas I'll be able to use Ubuntu 11.04.

Besides, yes of course I also criticizes Xorg for the changes and the distros for not providing an alternative version of the server. But how do you explain that Nvidia users are the only ones affected ? Ati and Intel drivers aren't working just by chance with Xserver 1.10 !

And if Nvidia is not able to update the legacy driver, why don't they just opensourced it ? They still are useful to a lot of users. I'm sorry but the computer I have for which I use the legacy driver still runs well even if it's 8 years old.

What is sure is that I won't buy again any Nvidia product. Sorry but by purchasing a product I also buy support for it. If Nvidia is just careless about legacy users, no problem, I'll switch to a brand that respect its customers.
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