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Default Re: debating a second gtx 590 or two gtx 580 3gb's

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post just recommended a guy with a 19X10 monitor buy three 3GB GTX580s, on a Phenom II CPU.

I think we can take it as a given that if I am recommending the OP not spend money on NVIDIA products, it must be a pretty bad idea. (see sig)

19X10 isn't where you need more than 1.5GB, 57X10 is where you start to run into issues at 1.5GB.

While you're referencing HardOCP, their article on CPU scaling with the 3 X GTX580s getting a huge boost when going to a 4.8Ghz SB CPU is good evidence of how very CPU limited the OP would be with his PhenomII.

He really should be selling his AMD mobo for a couple hundred, buying a 2600K motherboard, and seeing where that takes his performance on the monitor he has.
Ooops, I read to quick and thought the TS considered 3 GTX580's vs 2 GTX590's. But you're right, for the balance of his system he's better of with a sandy bridge system, then adding more GPU perf..
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