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Default EVGA GTX 560 Ti Question

I have a question. Is the EVGA GTX 560 Ti built using the old GTX 460 design? I was looking at it the other day and the picture shows the thinner fan blades and two heat pipe cooler from the GTX 460. This is their base GTX 560 Ti not the GTX 560 Ti FPB. I don't understand why they would change the heatsink and fan, and my question is, did they also put the GTX 560 Ti Chip on a GTX 460 Board too. This would make their base GTX 560 Ti nothing more than a GTX 460 with a GTX 560 Ti Chip on it. Does anyone have anymore information on this? I put three pictures below from their image gallery for each product showing the base GTX 560 Ti, the GTX 560 Ti FPB, and the GTX 460 SE.

Link to GTX 560 Ti Product Page Family&sw=

GTX 560 Ti picture from their image gallery

GTX 560 Ti FPB picture from thier image gallery

GTX 460 SE picture from their image gallery
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