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Default Re: debating a second gtx 590 or two gtx 580 3gb's

Originally Posted by wheeljack12 View Post
well, I found my solution. as I stated in another thread I had to take out my lsi megaraid sata 3 controller because it didn't like the last 8x port on the mb. Well, I thought I might as well get what I paid for and put in into the 16x port that a second vid card would have went into and voila, it works. So, I killed the bottleneck of the 990fx's sata 3 controller now and don't have or need to spend money on a second vid card. BTW, the reason I chose the 990fx was one for sli which I won't use now but the obvious is the 8 core fx upgradability. With AMD going back to the drawing board for the fx series to get more "horsepower", what would you be thinking when the 8 core come out in sept for gpu scaling. I know there is still a limit but would there be a better benefit waiting for the 8 cores?
No, the bottleneck isn't in the number of cores for 99.99% of games, it's in the design of the CPU.

AMD cpus haven't been able to do as much work per clock since the Athlon 64 vs P4 days.

Even on intel vs intel, a $300 quad core SB i7 mostly edges my $1000 hex core i7. The only thing more cores is good for is servers and some productivity apps. (and I suppose running multiple apps) For gaming the promise of multithreading is largely unused, and probably will stay that way.
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