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Default Re: So my wife wants the Evo 3D

Originally Posted by tornadog View Post
Quick review:

screaming fast, Sense 3.0 is a very nice UI and its very smooth and fast
the phone is almost half the weight of my thunderbolt, and the screen is much brighter and slicker
3D effect is really good, shows a real sense of depth. The free Green Hornet movie is a good showcase for 3D. 3D photos also look very nice, dont know if they can somehow be viewed on my 3D TV
Battery life is a problem, which smartphone isnt. When 3D is on, battery just drains like crazy.

Overall a nice upgrade from the Evo 4G, definitely the best HTC phone out there ATM.
Tons of smartphones have decent batteries but its a known issue that the Evo series has always been total **** in that regards.
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