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Default Re: Repeated icons on GNOME 3 system tray

My environment:

OS: Fedora 15
Video: 7600 GS AGP (overclocked)
Driver: 275.09.07
Gnome: 3.0.2-4 (from testing)

I recently upgraded to the testing version of Gnome 3 (from 3.0.2-3) to help test for a bug. I didn't have the problem reported in the Fedora mailing list, but I wanted to help make sure that the fix didn't break existing working systems (it doesn't).

Right now I have two icons in my system tray (padevchooser and parcelite). They are distinctive and work more or less as expected. I see some errors in .xsession-errors, but these look like programming issues with the respective applications.

When I launch Amarok in Gnome 3, the Amarok icon appears in the system tray and behaves as expected.

In short, it works for me. I know, it's not much help.
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