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Default Re: debating a second gtx 590 or two gtx 580 3gb's

Originally Posted by Dazz View Post
Depends on what you are doing if you are going to go tripple display then 2x 580GTX 3GB are better then 2x 590GTX. When you are pushing so many pixles you will find you will run out of memory. Even at 1080p rez anything above 8x FSAA you will run into memory problems in alot of newer games
The "run out of memory" thing is highly over hyped.

I run a GTX590 on my 57 X 10 display set, and have a couple of 2GB GTX560Tis I could be using. I don't, because the 590 provides a better gaming experience.

I just bought an intel 990X/Asus Rampage iii/H70 for more than the cost of a couple 3GB GTX580s to replace my i7860/Asus Maximusii/H50. I guarantee you, if I thought my gaming was somehow being spoiled by the 1.5GB of VRAM, I would have just kept the OCd 860 and bought the 3GB 580s.

Guys like Kyle at H go looking for differences in video cards because it's their "job" to do so. I've played at 57 X 10 with 1.5GB card(s) and 2GB cards and have the 1.5GB card in my box.

I will say I noticed pretty quickly with the 1.25GB GTX570s and got rid of them quick.

BTW- I agree with you on 3 way vs quad, and would take the extra memory for longevity over the reduced scaling of the 4th GPU.
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