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Default Re: debating a second gtx 590 or two gtx 580 3gb's

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Ati can do 3d, they also have 1gb and 2gb cards. I'm sure an aib could make a 4gb gpu if they wanted. You're worse than a broken record with your same replies over and over.
Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
In any case, NVIDIA wins the multimonitor race hands down because:
1. They can do it in 3d.
2. NVIDIA OEMs offer gamers products at 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3GB VRAM and ATi only has a couple 2GB products.
Please reply to what I said, and not misquote me.

I was not aware ATi can span 3d across monitors. For that matter, I don't believe there are any computer monitors for sale in N America that ATi can do 3d on.

What ATi OEMs "could" do, and are currently doing, are very different things. Who knows?

Theoretically ATi "could" do some hardware accelerated physics effects like I'm enjoying in the new Alice game, but they aren't. (even though they said they would many times over the last four years and even went so far as to say they were the preferred physics solution at times)

NVIDIA relevant gaming cards for multi-monitor
1.5GB: GTX580, GTX590
2GB: GTX460, GTX560Ti, GTX560
2.5GB: GTX570

That is six different cards* at all price and performance levels from $150>$600.. ATi board makers only have 3 models, and one of them has the dubious "honor" of being the only card in history to be a legitimate challenger to the infamous FX5800Ultra as the "loudest video card in history".

Of course, I haven't even mentioned that NVIDIA brings users of it's last gen cards (e.g. GTX285, GTX295) multimonitor support as well while ATi excludes last gen customers and forces them to upgrade.

Yep, I'm pretty comfortable with my assessment of NVIDIA offering the best multimonitor experience by far. I've played on 6 and 9 panels, and not only think this is impractical for the home, but plain annoying have the main action bisected by bezels.

*seven if you count the 1.5GB and 3GB 580s as different cards
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