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Default Re: debating a second gtx 590 or two gtx 580 3gb's

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Please reply to what I said, and not misquote me.

I was not aware ATi can span 3d across monitors. For that matter, I don't believe there are any computer monitors for sale in N America that ATi can do 3d on.

What ATi OEMs "could" do, and are currently doing, are very different things. Who knows?,10742.html

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
NVIDIA relevant gaming cards for multi-monitor
1.5GB: GTX580, GTX590
2GB: GTX460, GTX560Ti, GTX560
2.5GB: GTX570
ATI relevant gaming cards for multi-monitor....
1GB: 6770, 6790, 6850, 6870, 6950
2GB: 6990, 6970, 6950

Hell, I could even go back to the 5 series for multi monitor support on a single GPU if I wanted.

Though, even you said that 1 gpu is worthless for eyefinity and surround gaming... So, that leaves us with... hmm... 6990 and 590... 2GB vs 1.5GB. Also, don't you need SLI for surround gaming too? So that pretty much removes every gpu from your list except the 590.

Also, what are you talking about excluding previous gen? Hard to exclude something that is already featured. Unless you want to go all the way to the 4000 series. lol.
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