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Default Re: MS 360 about halfway through its lifecycle

MS and Sony know that cell phones and tablets are really eating into consoles as well as laptops and PC's, so I don't think they'll rush out new consoles anytime soon.

I read an article saying that these companies (MS, Sony) are trying to position their consoles as entertainment centers to help extend the life and continue sales. Hulu, Netflix and other services on the consoles as well as streaming music and all the other stuff they can do.

Their point was that companies are trying hard to get people to spend $50 on a game where people with iPads can get a game without getting off of their couch (download) for $5 that gives them just as much entertainment. I must admit, I have had a ton of fun with some of these mobile/tablet games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Infinity Blade and some of the others...and they are cheap.

People don't always want to spend $60 on a game like Crysis 2 that's 10 hours long.

By waiting out the next gen console game, it gives MS/Sony time to see how the cell phone/tablet thing is going to play out.

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