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Default Re: Games for windows live needs to die

Still can't get my saves back after trying a few tricks. Really? I mean, seriously, they're gone?.. With no cloud back up either?... Its the principle of the thing more than anything. I'll have dirt 3 by the end of the month and dirt 2 will be a distant memory; but still... I mean really? Is skyrm going to be gfwl game? (if there is a god, hear my prayer.... lol)

First time I loaded up half life 2 and had to make a steam account I couldn't have cared less. (2004 lol) I had been entering cd keys for years for various software and this didn't seem too much different. First time I had to activate online it didn't matter to me. ( activation limits). When I had to create a gfwl account for fallout 3 I named it, no joke, a variation on "this is really stupid" (couldn't wait a sec to boot it up lol). But my save games were still intact and transferable. (they let me use it lol). Constant online connection to play single player? (ubisoft games!!) Weird, but whatever my computer has wireless and lan so I'm always connected. No biggie, still got my saves. (seriously, how weird is the be online to play single player thing?) Hard earned saves ****ed over=first ever rage face over drm. Seriously, just delete my game but let me keep my saves. Besides the gaming hardware I would think that save games were the most valuable gaming material to a gamer. Or if not a save game than a rank or whatever, some marker of your progress. This has really turned me around on gfwl and the future of drm.
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