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Default Re: EVGA GTX 560 Ti Question

Originally Posted by Dazz View Post
The GTX 560 Ti uses less power as such less heat comes from it so advance cooling solutions are not required.
I've heard that before but according to the NVIDIA website the power requirements for the GTX 560 Ti is more than the GTX 460, not a lot, but more. They also specify a minimum power supply 50 watts greater for the GTX 560 Ti. And many website reviews of the GTX 560 Ti when it was first released stated the 560 Ti actually used more power than the NVIDIA specification.

GTX 460
Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) 160 W
Minimum Recommended System Power (W) 450 W

GTX 560 Ti
Graphics Card Power (W) 170 W
Minimum Recommended System Power (W) 500 W

Being a retired engineer I feel if a company modifies the reference board it should improve it, not lower it. The EVGA GTX 560 Ti FPB uses the NVIDIA reference design but it looks like their standard GTX 560 Ti uses the GTX 460 design. NVIDIA used to control the allowed changes more and I think they should go back and tighten thier policies again.

Read this article on the EVGA website if you don't think they feel the reference design is the best solution.
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