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Default Re: (Need for Speed) Shift 2: Unleashed release date

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Finished the GT1 Championship and those races were pretty good. Great cars, the full versions of the tracks and a nice mix between all the different time of day settings.
My career progress is now at 78%. A few Endurance and all of the horrible Drift events aren't finished but I'll leave it at that.
I still have DiRT 3 and iRacing is finally going to release the new NW car next week, so I'll be busy with that

Overall SHIFT 2 is a great game, a nice distraction from iRacing. I prefer it over Forza and GT as a car game simply because it's available on the PC and takes advantage of all those PC bonuses. As a racing game, the crappy collision system and the sometimes misbehaving AI are big negatives.
SHIFT 2 is advertised as a racing game but in my opinion it only excels as a car game.

Lol, here's Steve Sutcliffe from driving that very same car (the GTR GT-1)

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