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Default Re: Firefox 5.0 Final released

Originally Posted by DSC View Post
Google doesn't support older versions of Chrome either and Chrome is silently updated to the latest release, it's not dumb, it's smart. If you want a repeat of IE6 debacle, thats your choice, most web developers would hate if old browsers impede their ability to deploy the latest web technologies.
I guess that you've never worked at an organization that relies on internal custom coded apps. I work at a university where man hours are very limited. Frequent versions changes require testing that small to medium size shops can't afford. Especially when created software or designing websites isn't the core function of the business.

I see your point, but the FF release cycle just doesn't make sense. Chrome sort of does because each point revision does features and bug fixes. Firefox is doing full releases for bug fixes - something that is typically handled in point releases with nearly every other software developer in the world. So now its going to be new features in every third drop and bug fixes in the first two? Maybe?

I understand the motivations but I'm just not confident there is enough internal direction or forethought going on behind the scenes.
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