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Default Re: debating a second gtx 590 or two gtx 580 3gb's

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
You're really missing the point. He has a 990 chipset, which means he can get bulldozer when it is out with all the features. Why would you compare the scaling of an old cpu vs a brand new one? Of course the old one is going to be slower.

Should he ditch his cpu and mobo and waste money on a 2500k+ and mobo, or stick with what he has, deal with the few fps less, and get just a cpu when bulldozer is out.

What you are looking at isn't a difference in scaling, it is just a faster cpu.
The topic of the thread was new graphics, and he needs a new CPU before he does graphics because of the Phenom II being slow for his GTX590.

Whether he waits for Bulldozer and decides then, or gets a new cpu now, I guess is a matter of how long till Bulldozer launches and how annoyed is he that he's looking at costly CPU upgrades.

IIRC the weaker cpu was actually affecting the percent of scaling I got. I'll run that FC2 bench tomorrow to check it out.
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