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Default Re: debating a second gtx 590 or two gtx 580 3gb's

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
OK Wheeljack, here's why I posted about the AMD scaling (to date):

Notice how Guru3d gets almost perfect scaling going from single to SLi at 25X16 8X16X using an i7 at 3.7GHz?
53fps to 100fps

I just ran that bench with my 2GB GTX560Tis at 25X16 4X16X, all maxed, on a Phenom II at 3.4GHz and went from 58fps to 84fps.

That's only 44% scaling. I can try it at 8X, but I don't think my scaling is going to more than double adding 4XAA.

That is why I said you should buy a cpu, not GPUs. Whatever GPU you put will be a good deal slower on the 1100.

As far as waiting/gambling on Bulldozer, yes, I might as well having just spent the money on the motherboard. I was only answering the question based on what currently exists, not what will someday and may or may not be good.

Hope this helps.

Used 8XAA like Guru3d, 49fps to 78fps, 59% scaling for AMD, 88% on Intel.
So, he should go waste money on a new motherboard and cpu, to maybe gain 30% in scaling at best. Instead of just waiting to see how bulldozer does, and if it's good then all he would have to do is buy a cpu? Your logic is retarded.
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