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Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
Someone asked me for help with 2wire modem/gateway. Just trying to find some technical info on it.

Haven't seen the setup yet, I believe its one of the older 2wire homeportal modem/gateways.

From description there is only one ethernet port in back, usb port and the phone port for dsl.

Was just wondering if anyone with similar setup tried connecting a router to it?
Hmmm... OK. I see what you are saying. With that type of modem, you should just have to purchase a typical Netgear or similar router to it that you can purchase from one of several outlets such as Best Buy, Staples, or an online Etailer such as New Egg.

Just buy it, hook everything up, and power it up. All should work fine. Depending on what you do, you may not even have to go inside the router setup to do anything although if you have multiple systems playing games on them you may have to fine tune somethings in the router you buy. Good routers with 4-ports and wireless access in them can be had for $50 or so today, at least in my area. However...

I used the 2 Wire Wireless Router/Gateway from ATT. I purchased it from them for about $50 (which is about the same cost as a router you may notice...). In fact, I may have gotten it for free when I ordered DSL, not sure. Anyway, it has 4 ports and wireless, of course. Without extra hardware, you could have several computers hook up to it thanks to the wireless. If you need more ports, just buy any old switch to hook up to it. The setup inside this unit is fairly full featured and typical compared to comparable routers you can buy in various outlets I mentioned above. Again, depending on how many systems you hook up to it and you gaming needs you may need to tweak something just like any other router. However, everything you need is there. The ATT router/gateway is a good choice. Since it's ATT, it's [probably] the best route to go to guarantee as few problems as possible and you have the option of going to them for support if you need it. I never had any problems with this unit at all. I've been around computers and such for a while. I found this unit to be a quality, trouble free item. Check it out.

Just my two cents. Best of luck to you and your friend!!
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