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Default Re: mplayer -vc - no vdpau

To use vdpau you have to have mplayer compiled with vdpau video output:
Your machine have mplayer compiled without vdpau output:
[az@server Downloads]$ mplayer -vo help | grep vdp
[az@server Downloads]$
Having just vdpau accelerated codecs is not enough. You have to have vdpau output to close the decoding chain by displaying decoded movie.

My mplayer with vdpau compiled in output:
zbyszek@desktop $ mplayer -vo help | grep vdp
        vdpau   VDPAU with X11
You use: Scientific Linux release 6.0 (Carbon) - this is RHEL6 clone designed for server purposes/scientific workstation. This is probably the reason why mplayer was build without vdpau. Maybe using any external repository with vdpau mplayer will help.

Try any popular desktop distribution - ask people here (better in new topic) what distros have mplayer with vdpau out of the box.
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