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Default Re: Problem with video acceleration, xv support messed up or insufficient card?

Just to keep things updated for people who might come across the same problem:

The thing that works is using the "GL" driver for that 30" display on the second card and "xv" for the 24 on the first card. vdpau did cause a machine crash and had white sparkles in black areas of the video. The GL driver in mplayer seems to work without crashes and without distortions.

That's still not quite optimal since CPU usage is 66% for either vdpau and GL (curious it is right about identical) and slight machine activity makes the video stutter. Using the "xv" driver on the 24" display I don't get either, it just works (that is on both displays with the video at the same resolution, so the 30" more pixels shouldn't count). I'm not sure that's rooted in the better graphics card or the drivers.

The way things are going I think I will have no choice but new card(s).

So I'm still looking for suggestions to:
- either make the "xv" driver work for the non-first display
- or suggestions about what could be wrong and fixable with my 7800's dual-link port

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