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Default Re: Newegg Has the GTX 470 at a good price

Not really if you already have two GTX 470's.They run about the same in games,but the 560 TI is around 5 to 10 fps faster but the 560 TI comes clocked at 822/1644/4008 and the reviews of the GTX 470 is just clocked at 607/1215/3348.The 560Ti has a 215mhz gain on the core and 650mhz on the memory.Once you set the GTX 470 at 700/1400/3800 ,they run around the same.I know you could clock the 560 Ti I can run all three of my GTX 470's at 825/1650/3900 with some voltage increase.I think if you already have a GTX 470 and a board that will run SLI ,plus a good power supply,it would be better and cheaper just to get another GTX 470 since you can get them as low as $180 and $150 with the rebate.Now if you are going to buy a new card and just going to run one then I would go with a 560 Ti or a HD 6950 since they cost around the same ,but the Hd 6950 is a little faster plus if you look around you can get a 2gig HD 6950 for around $240.Plus Since my house burnt down I don' have the boxes or the accessories and probbally coud'nt even get $150 for each of my GTX 470's since you can get a recertified evga with a box ,plus accessories for $149 after rebate.So I will be stuck with my three GTX 470's for a very long time.
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