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Default Re: Option "BaseMosaic" with G80

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post
It is also supported on Quadro FX 380, Quadro FX 580 and all G80 or
higher non-mobile NVS cards.
I think this refers to "G80 based *NVS* cards" such as the NVS 290,
but not to consumer G80 cards.
Hm, then i must've overread the "implies NVS cards" part.

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post
However, this would imply that
Mosaic is also available for i.e. NVS 420 and and NVS 450 with four
outputs, each (couldn't yet easily figure that out from the public information,
so far). Would be nice if somebody official could confirm this.

So 4xx NVS might be an alternative to video splitter such as the
TH2G - but again this is just another prove that the limitation of
SLI Mosaic to Quadro is just a marketing issue. Dare you have
more then two LCDs without purchasing a bunch of Quadros or
at least an NVS! :-)


Well, if it would work with a quad NVS, I'd think about buying one. On the other hand i'm getting pretty tired of this. Last time I tried the open source ATI drivers they also did not work properly. What's more a proper replacement for Xinerama isn't in sight either. Maybe I should just forget about tripple monitor aweness and get a Mac or so (oh no, I said it..).

Best wishes,

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