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Default Re: Option "BaseMosaic" with G80

Originally Posted by sillium View Post
What's more a proper replacement for Xinerama isn't in sight either.
Maybe you like to have a look at the Zotac GeForce GTX 460 3DP:
It has an on-board video splitter so that you can run up to three displays
off one GPU (which makes live *much* easier with nvidia-linux):

Also, I can strongly recommend the Matrox TripleHead2Go video splitter:
you can have up to 3x 1920x1200 or 4x 1680x1050 with one TH2G or
up to 4x 1920x1200 or 6x 1680x1050 with two TH2Gs attached to
the two DVI outputs of single GPU card:

This are quite length threads, but they will include everything
you need to know on this topic.

However, the drawback is that those TH2Gs are pretty expensive
($300 each), so an NV450 might be an interesting alternative,
especially because it seems that you can scale those with
BaseMosaic to up to 24 LCDs in a single PC with 6 PCIe slots.
(yet again, it would be nice if an nvidia representative could
confirm that).

BTW.: In combination with TH2Gs, it would even be possible
to extend that to 72 displays - we already had requests like that
in this forum but we had to scare them away with Xinerama
and/or DMX.

BTW.#2: QuadroPlex is connected through a PCIe extender card, so
it should be possible to attach six QP 2200 D2 to a single PC (again with
six PCIe slots), then applying BaseMosaic for 24 LCDs or attaching
24 TH2Gs for 72 LCDs. Such a setup would only be around $90.000 :-)


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