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So yesterday I went by Best Buy and bought a Nook Color; thought it would be a better buy after a while, cheaper, etc. Got it home and was going to root, install CM7, etc. However I had a TON of problems just getting the SD card formatted and prepped in the right way. Horrible luck is what I call it. I finally got the Nook back to stock and am going to take it back tomorrow, get my money back.

After a long drive home and lots of debate, I decided just to go with the iPad. I know that it works out of the box and I don't have to hack anything. Should've went with my first pick instead of overthinking it. Live and learn eh?

Should get the iPad in the next week! I'll post pics and stuff then.

BTW, thanks zoomy for all your help today. I am just cursed when it comes to certain things!
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