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Default Re: Finally time for new phone...

Eh... the day you can finally just use your iphone for mass storage and drag and drop files, or wirelessly explore smb shares I might consider it. Till then the phone is quite useless.

At least iphone 5 won't require itunes to sync things to it... but we'll see if you can actually add them on your own. I've seen a dual core android and it is much smoother than a single core. Still think Android needs some polish but it's still better than not being able to use the device how you want to.

I can't wait to see Windows 8 and see if that makes it's way to smart phones. Loved my axim (WM2003) which still seemed more polished than my android phone. (Notes, tasks, audio recorder, full device backups)

not exactly sure what phones you can get Bob... If you already use Itunes than yes I would say an iphone would be okay. If you hate Itunes then you probably don't want it.
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