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Default Re: Finally time for new phone...

Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
So my contract is now expired, and I am really not sure which device to get. If I were to get a smartphone, the primary use would be to call/txt, and also listening to music and browsing teh forumz.
Now there is a deal going on now where I can get the iPhone 3GS for free, but I am not sure if it is worth it, or are there other devices that can play music/you can browse forums better.
The iPhone is perfect. It has iMessages, SMS, Calling, it has the iPod app (the best music app on any smartphone), and has tapatalk which is used for browsing forumz. You pretty much HAVE to get the iPhone.

That being said, the iPhone 4 has the much better display (Retina), it has 2 cameras, I think the iPhone 4 has better cameras than the last. It has facetime, it has a better CPU thingy (A4 I think) and it will be supported longer than the iPhone 3GS will. The 3GS is pretty much unsupported now, so it would be like getting a 8800 GTX now. Sure it can do the job fairly well, but go big or go home. And think about it, this will be your phone for 2 years is it? Do you really want to start of with a phone that is already ancient?

There's a reason the phone is free. You get what you pay for.
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