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Default Re: debating a second gtx 590 or two gtx 580 3gb's

rollo, I get your point. But your not changing my mind away from Bulldozer. Back a few years ago when i7 1st came out, I would have had the money to part out on a dime. Now I have to pick and choose my parts. IYO, I chose wrong in AMD. Here's a question for you, why would Nvidia lisense their SLI tech to AMD motherboard partners if they didn't see as profitable? Your the pro NV guy here preaching almost every day, answer that one. And no it not because NV doesn't want to make chipsets because everyone knows that. do they want to shoot themselves in the foot by killing sli scaling and turning half of their potential profits away from AMD users choices? Or maybe, just maybe they chose the 900 series because they have seen potential in Bulldozer through eng samples to know that their vid cards will perform well,HMM? What I am getting at is don't count something out until it has proven otherwise. I am looking forward to Bulldozer as my pc future and I don't need someone giving me the here and now perspective of what I should do. BTW, I can live with 59% scaling for now.
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