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Default Re: msi lightning xe 3gb hardocp review

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
looks like for $600 less you can get 6970's that perform nearly the same. lol

The power usage drop on the MSI is pretty fancy though.
I don't understand the humor unless one is an extremist.

IF price savings and surround is important to someone there is GTX 570's with 2.5 gigs of ram.

This review did get a gold rating and is an enthusiast dream product according to Hardocp. I really like HardOcp based on their passion and strong convictions. May not agree with them at times, but certainly appreciate and respect their passion for multi-monitor gaming and their investigations. Personally feel, with Hardocp's investigations and awareness of the limitations of ram with surround gaming helped bring the choices of 3 gig GTX 580's and 2.5 gig GTX 570 sku's to consider.
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