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Default Re: Dungeon Siege 3 - Demo on Steam

Doesn't matter if they're not comparable. It's from the same company. You would think with their track record, they'd change or make some kind of effort to do something about it, but no. They're just so... stagnant. Maybe even getting worse after Dungeon Siege III, lol. It's like they know they're putting something mediocre out there and don't even make an effort to fix it.

People like NWN2 and their other games that was never the argument. That's all fine and dandy and I don't have any issues with that. It's their money. What I have issues with is that no matter how much they try, they'll always just be a mediocre dev that's riding on the success of their game's predecessor. Their games should never warrant the full price of admission when it's released. Then again, most games are like this as well. Wait for some patches if you can.

Maybe it's just that I'm expecting too much from a company that can sit there with the original code and tools that were practically handed to them and put out something better. Everyone deserves at least that much, I think.

Perfect example is The Witcher 2. It's practically better in every single way than the previous game. That's something worth the full-price of admission alone, and that's how sequels should be done.

Has anyone else seen the flowchart for this game? It's pretty damn sickening.

Am I expecting way too much from a multi-billion dollar a year industry? Or is it just me?
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