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Default Re: msi lightning xe 3gb hardocp review

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
No, I don't say that.
VRAM or AA isn't every thing. There are lots of other factors. Like the ones you mentioned: PhysX, 3D, microstuttering.
Some of them are the reason why I use nV products. I've tried different Crossfire setups myself. If I would like it, I'd probably still use it.

But fact is, AMD did the right thing by making 2GB the standard/default configuration. 2GB is simply the smarter solution that covers pretty much all market segments expect 3x30".
That's all I'm saying. We shouldn't start another debate on this I think. We know each others point of views on this by now, don't you think?

And btw, there is no need to compare 16x CSAA to 8x MSAA. And does Dragon Age 2 even have GPU PhysX?
Hard to say on the VRAM. STEAM survey shows only 8% of machines have multi monitor, and 25% of them are are possibly 50X10 and up. 57X10 is the only resolution of the 50X10 and up set with enough use to get listed separately, and that's at .63% of total.

So you've got three resolutions that add up to 1.5% of the market at most, and you're saying it's good ATi made their reference design with them in mind.

I agree more is better, but I can also see why a company would make reference designs for 98.5% of their market, and let the OEMs make variants to cater to the needs of the 1.5%.

With the GTX570 outselling the 6950, and the GTX580 more than doubling the sales of the 6970, it looks like NVIDIA is the company that offered the public what they wanted.

As far as the 1.5% of displays you and I are included in go, with 2GB 460s,560s,560Tis, 2.5GB 570s, and 3GB 580s, we have more choice of 2GB and up cards with NVIDIA products. (so from a business and user perspective, NVIDIA wins, IMHO)

If multi monitor sticks around, I would not be shocked if future reference designs from both companies have 2GB VRAM and up.

On Dragon Age, no, there's no PhysX. I was just saying I'd rather have PhysX and play Dragon Age at 4X AA than play Dragon Age at 8X AA and miss out on PhysX in the 13-14 games I have that use it. (playing Alice now, it makes a big difference in the game)

As far as 16X CSAA vs 8X MSAA goes, in my experience the differences get a lot harder to see at anything above 4X MSAA. I'll still take resolution plus low AA over lower res with high AA any day. (e.g. I'd rather see 25X16 4X than 19X10 8X)
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