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Originally posted by 1m4g1n3
It can't be 266 mhz effective though, it is 333 mhz somehow. Also, i overclock the memory to 390-400 mhz (even though there is no cooling on the memory) and i do not experience any artifacts whatsoever and the card has never crashed yet. I may be stressing the ram i guess, but when i get aluminum ramsinks this will be fixed. Also, I got this card for $90 cdn, which is $60 cdn cheaper than the msi version with samsung ram and vivo, and i would LIKE to return it and get the msi, but it has been almost 2 months since I bought it and I am not sure if futureshop will accept it back If they do though, I will be sure to get the msi version, as i have not been able to find the 'ultra' version anywhere in canadian stores.
I know why I purchased my FX5200U (hold over card), though I am not quite sure why you have. If this is gonna be a card that you are gonna want to really make a difference in gaming, I'm affraid to say it's not gonna do a whole lot for you. I have enough CPU power to make up for alot of the inability of the FX5200U, which is why it can hold me over till the NV40 debuts. If this card is not something to sit in place of the newer generation videocards that will be coming out next year, I suggest you do what ragejg and $E Mun$ have suggested. Saving up a bit more or using that money that would have went towards the better cooling would be a better value to you if you followed their suggestions.

Originally posted by ragejg
If you have a 17" monitor and enjoy gaming @ 10x7, and want to use some AA and AF, and you don't wanna kick details down in the newest games, get (in order of performance) a GF3 for ~$50, a GF4ti 64mb for ~70, a fast GF4ti for around $90-100, an evGA 5200 Ultra for $107 shipped from Xtreme Gear, a real 5600 for around $110, an ultra for around $125, a rev2 for around $140, or IMO a VERY spankin deal, an eVGA 5700 for ~145...

I think you'd basically be a ripped-off customer if you spent $150 on a 5200 when you have all these other cards that are more powerful.. some of them costing only a third of what whoever's askin for that MSI VTD series card...

... my $0.02..
Originally posted by $E Mun$
If you can geta FX 5200 and a Vantec Cooling kit and ramsinks, you can afford to step up to the next level of video cards....5600U/9600Pro/5700U/ can find at least of on those cards for under $150 on the internet.
And the coversion worked out to be $114.62 US = $150.00 CND


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