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Default Nvidia driver 280.04


So I discovered this new version of the new Nvidia driver yesterday in the FTP: 280.04.

Since, I've seen no changelogs or even release announcements about this thing anywhere (even Googling doesn't come up with any - except for some random 'even 280.04 doesn't fix this bug' post) and yet even the latest.txt file in the FTP shows 275.09.07 as the "latest" version.

So far I've only found out that this new driver supports the new v11 X server ABI so 1.11 RC1 _loads up_ but there's some serious issues with window contents and transparencies, which I have no idea whether they are caused by the driver or the server itself.

But anyway, please do enlighten me (and others) about this new release of yours.
Thanks for your time,
E: Fixed the ABI version. The input ABI (I think) is the 13 - video ABI is 11.
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