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Default Re: Need some comments on this deal

Originally Posted by bobkn View Post
The I5-2500k or I7-2600k will outperform any of the triple channel (X58 motherboard) chips for gaming. The 2600k apparently outperforms even the expensive six core Gulftown CPUs for most (not all) applications. The k suffix (unlocked multiplier) Sandy Bridge CPUs are also easy to overclock above 4 GHz. (Get a third party CPU cooler.)

The memory controller performance on the Sandy Bridge CPUs is also better than on the first generation chips, so that will partly make up for the dual channel limitation.

My main complaint with the P67/Z68 motherboards is that it appears to be easier to brick them than for the older boards. I don't know why, it may have something to do with uEFI. (MSI uses a hybrid BIOS/EFI system that is still supposed to support booting from GPT disks.) I'm on my third board. I'd never rendered a motherboard unbootable before, in 14 years of BIOS updates.

I guarantee you that my rig will still play any games out now, and any games that will come out in the next 8 months.

Having a SB rig is nice, but I don't need one right now. Heck, I might not need one by this time next year. If (big "if") I decide to upgrade in the next year, it won't be because I can't play any games on will be because I want to.
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