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Default Re: msi lightning xe 3gb hardocp review

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Choice is good. But the initial release happened a long time ago. Now there are different products to pick from but that wasn't the case at release.
That's the most important point in time for a product. And in my opinion it's always best to start with the best possible version and then release the lesser versions later on. AMD did this when it comes to VRAM.
1. People could do surround gaming with 4GB GTX295s, 2GB GTX285s, and 2GB GTX460s long before 6950s and 6970s launched. (not to mention other ATi 2-4GB cards)

2. 2GB 560s and 3GB 580s launched within 6 weeks of 6950s and 6970s.
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