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Default Re: msi lightning xe 3gb hardocp review

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
1. People could do surround gaming with 4GB GTX295s, 2GB GTX285s, and 2GB GTX460s long before 6950s and 6970s launched. (not to mention other ATi 2-4GB cards)

2. 2GB 560s and 3GB 580s launched within 6 weeks of 6950s and 6970s.
One thing that was neat was the 2XX series from nVidia could enjoy surround gaming without the need to upgrade for it. If one was a Sli owner at that time surround gaming offered really nice value for many.

It's certainly nice to have more ram and less limitations but one can enjoy surround gaming with 1 gig of ram in many titles. I am just glad to see AMD and nVidia offer this choice for their customers and about time. What bothers me is all of sudden because AMD did go to 2 gigs -- now it was essential and anything less was abominable!

This review from Type was outstanding to me based on he tried to convey and discuss gaming experiences and was from this site:
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