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Default Re: Need some comments on this deal

Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
UEFI isn't about a gui, in fact don't think that having a gui is even part of the UEFI spec.

The benefits of UEFI are numerous, many of which we probably won't see anytime soon. For example, eventually we won't need drivers anymore. The hardware will establish an CPU independent interface with the UEFI, and the OS won't need to deal with the hardware directly, it can interact solely with the UEFI instead. This can mean, for example, that upgrading to a new version of windows won't obsolete any of your old hardware because the manufacturer won't write a new driver.

Current benefits we can take advantage of though, include obsolescence of MBR in favor of GPT, which among other things, has a virtually unlimited partition limit, and supports hard drives far greater than the 2.2TB limit of BIOS.

In addition, UEFI no longer requires POST, in fact unlike BIOS, it doesn't even have any specification for self test, so none is necessary. This means a huge reduction in the time required to start your computer from a cold boot.


Oh I'm definitely aware of the benefits. It just seems most people latch onto the GUI as being the sole benefit.
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