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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
I'm in no rush with 3 water cooled GTX580's to be honest, not to mention that the only game that might actually stress them is battlefield 3 running at the very highest quality settings and on 3 screens, mainly because DICE are aiming this one at the PC as the main developement platform, and not consoles(about friggin time if you ask me).

Furthermore, one of Dice's developers stated that by the time the game ships, that there won't be a PC setup that will run the game smoothly at it's absolute maximum quality settings, so we might be looking at a title that will make the same impact as Crysis did in 2007....

I plan on putting that assesment to the test....
Here's the thing that worries me though- last developer that pushed a game out for PC first (only as a matter of fact), and even openly stated that with how high-end the visuals were no PC at it's time of release would be able to play it fully maxed. They stuck to their word on that. When they released it even the greatest of rigs, oc'd to the max, with dual top-end video cards (8800GTXs) couldn't run the game full-tilt, just as the developer had promised. The PC community nearly crapped a brick, complaining about how it was poorly optimized and such.

That game was Crysis. To this day, many games struggle to meet it's level of graphical fidelity and over all realistic appearance.

Crytek then dumbed the visuals down considerably for the consoles, guaranteeing Crysis 2 would run full-tilt on today's gaming rigs. They get flak for it from the PC Gaming crowd. Crytek releases a High-res texture pack and DX11 patch, it seems to please most, but many are still "disappointed".

I'm almost afraid that for a pure PC game BF3 will be absolutely awesome, but because of how spoiled the PC Gaming crowd is by games designed for consoles and thus running purely maxed even on a mid-range rig, it'll receive flak if rigs sporting 3x 3GB GTX580s, 3x 6970s, or the equivalent can't run the game purely maxed. Me, I'd be greatful if that were the case. It'd mean that 2 years from now the game will still be fun to play through because by that time we'll likely finally have hardware that could run the game @ 100%. Would be great.

But just seeing how fickle and two-faced the PC community is, I almost anticipate a repeat of Crysis.
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