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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
To be honest, we also have to see what tthe high end 28nm parts end up looking like not just in performance relative to the existing 40nm parts, but also how they shape up in terms of power use and thermals too, especially for those users thinking about multi GPU setups as i got to feel that first hand with my own system....

This is the setup and pictures are worth 1000 words:

Now the video cards are working at 950 mhz core and 2300 mhz memory, they are consuming a lot more power than a stock GTX580 obviously and there's 3 of them to boot running at those speeds, and the water cooling is doing a fantastic job of keeping the temperatures in control(60*C under load), but the amount of overall heat that the system can output into the room is phenominal to say the least, especially now that we're in the summer, wich forces me to use the A/C a lot more.

Wich brings us to another problem.....With the PC running at full tilt in a benchmarking or gaming session and the A/C running to keep the room cool, all i have to do is turn on the TV(it's an LCD 46" and uses less than 100 watts i think) and the breaker that feeds power to the room activates as it's drawing a huge amount of power between the PC, the A/C and the T.V.....

I had to call in an electrician to seperate one of the wall sockets to a dedicated 15 amp breaker just for the PC alone so that i could use the A/C without worrying about tripping the breaker anymore.....You can imagine if Kepler at 28nm, in the on going pissing match with AMD for the fastest performance possible, still ends up using more power than the GTX580 and some use 3 cards wich will be further overclocked and integrated into a setup like the above picture....Nasty on the power and heat fronts....
I've argued this point before and it got no where. Those that defend nVidia will do so. There seems to be no limit to how much power their GPUs need nor any limit to how hot they run- the nVidia crowd will always blow those arguments off.
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