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Default Re: Support for 8200m

Originally Posted by SaintMantooth View Post
That's actually how I had it running under 177.80, with no desktop effects. And the video playback was still awful. Most of the time, I would be lucky to get 30 seconds into the video before Firefox would stop responding. Switching to 173 fixed that problem, but I still can't enable desktop effects without something going screwey. Why is the 8200m G getting the short end of the stick here?
Same here. I've had a topic up for the past 3 months about screen tearing, and I've gotten all of one reply.

Seriously, as this is my only laptop and I cannot afford to get another one just to switch to Linux, this may end up pushing me to go back to Windows. I watch alot of video on my computer, and I'd rather not have to switch back and forth between operating systems to watch video.
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