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Default Re: Official Assassin's Creed II Thread

So, just wrapped up on the game (all 36 hours of it ) Finished the SP campaign and completed the 6 secret area missions. Did not complete all the side missions like rooftop races or random assassinations because those did not seem as interesting. The secret missions were VERY cool. The vantage points were awesome, and the climbing mechanics seemed to work well. Very rare glitching while climbing, but not an issue.
The attention to detail, with regards to renaissance history theme is pretty amazing imo. The attention to art, clothing and architecture makes the game SO much better.
Sure some characters may clip or glitch sometimes, and the graphics are not crysis-like, but that is not a big deal for me.
Seeing varied characters in the public was a big plus. Soundtrack was amazing, but imo the music didn't really play in the first while, i only noticed it later on. None of the areas seemed bland or overused. The SP mission variety gets a solid A-. Only once did I find myself thinking "Really? I just ****ing did the exact same thing in another area". Characters are unique, story gets a B from me: little confusing at times, but fairly easy to follow.
Wish the combat could have flowed slightly better. Even by the end of the game, the only thing I was doing is mashing the "stab in the balls" button and the "block the baddie's stabs" button. I did not make use of the disarm and whatnot mechanics.

Couple thoughts, couple be spoilerish:

It really bugged me how his sisters (?) were glued to their seats in the bedroom and in the accounting room in the villa for the entirety of the game, which was for like 20 years. Really?
But I really liked how they made a tied in the feather collecting to the story. That was very well done.

Very glad to have bought this game, and easily worth the 15 bucks. THIS is how you make a free roam game, take note idiot buddies: Far Cry 2 and Mafia 2.
Hopefully brotherhood, which I bought for 25 will be just as good.
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