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Default Re: Crysis 2 DX11 Patch Live

This game even with the upgrades just confirms what i thought initially, everything just reeks of console. Even with the upgrades it doesn't look very good and for me the better textures here and there just makes the lesser texures more noticable. Like cars and their broken windshields, crappy shiny textures, a lot of this game still looks like crap tbh. I'm not a graphics wh0re normally but this game has been debated so much that it's distracting me from enjoying it, i just can't stop thinking about the differences between this and the first crysis, trying to find evidence of better textures but not finding a whole lot of them.

I think i made a mistake not playing it when i got it initially (had it wrapped in plastic until the upgrades were released) if i had played it "vanilla" i might have appriciated the upgrades more but now it's just UT3 allover again, developed for consoles but patched over a long time to finally resemble what it should have been to start with but still not getting there.

This is at it's core a console game and no upgrades can hide that fact, like an unwashed wh0re using lots of deoderant : she might look sexy at a distance but once you get close you still can smell her BO
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