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Default Re: Crysis 2 DX11 Patch Live

Originally Posted by Mike89 View Post
If you think this game looks like crap, I don't even know why you play games dude. This game looks as good as any games out there right now. Honestly if you are going to tear down this game, I don't know how you can play any game and be happy cause you could tear them all apart just as easily. Unless that's why you play games. This game has good graphics, good sound effects, good story, good atmosphere, decent voice acting, good playability (hell I've played this game about 5 times already). Quit thinking so much and just enjoy the damn game! If not, take up another hobby.
I said a lot of this game looks like crap, not all of it. And i'm not tearing it down, it's just not what the hype said it was going to be. After all the hoopla i expected so much more but the main gaming business today is done on consoles and ofc crytek wants a piece of that aswell, can't really blame them for it. But what i can blame them for is saying that it was going to look better than crysis. That might have been their initial goal and ambition and i dont know when that changed. However they settled on releasing a console port with later additions to make that less evident. And some parts of this game DOES look like crap with it's muted colors and brown/greys, there's no hiding that .

Notice how the street is reflected in the texture but not the player character
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