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Default Re: [BUG REPORT] `nvidia-smi -a` doesn't work on certain GPUs

Originally Posted by Lost Dog View Post
As much as I'd like to see this work if you run it without arguments it states it's not supported by most GPU's:

$ nvidia-smi
NVIDIA System Management Interface -- v2.0

NVSMI provides diagnostic information for Tesla and select Quadro devices.
The data is presented in either plain text or XML format, via stdout or a file.
NVSMI also provides several management operations for changing device state.

Supported products:

Tesla: S1070, S2050, C1060, C2050/70, M2050/70/90, X2070/90
Quadro: 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 and M2070-Q
Other: All other products are unsupported
Which is just an artificial limitation, it used to work in the past until it got "fixed" by restricting it to the advertised gpus.
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