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Default Re: EVGA GTX 560 Ti Question

I have an EVGA 560Ti. They had a couple versions when I got mine, one was overclocked. I got the the other. I know the fan is quite, not heard over other fans even in games when I know it's underload as the UPS shows the increased load. I have had the driver "stop responding" with the screen going blank when playing Eve and another game. Driver recovered. I also now seen lines flash when watching video on Hulu or TNT. WHen these lines show up, I go back to windowed mode which makes the lines go away and right back to full screen with the lines gone. DOn't know if it's gotten flaky or if it was a recent change in the drivers.

Right now tems are setting at 41c with fan at 30%. GPU load is ~30% and memory load is ~22%. Video engine load is 0%. Computer is in a 4u rack case. Will have to check it next time in a game for a bit, but when I got it, It seemed to stay cool in games and I thought GPU-z said fan only went to 70%
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