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Default Re: Witcher 2 content

Did you see the demo of Kinect with Mass Effect 3? OMG...

"Garrus! Take point while I patch up Liara! UNF UNF UNF!"

The thing that irks me is that there's major graphical issues already in ME3 and hopefully they'll fix it. I mean, I picked it up right off the bat and it annoyed the hell out of me. But seeing how far along they are with the development makes me think they'll just pass it off just like they did with their games in the past.

I even got into a "discussion" with one of the retarded employees on their own forums and called him out. The more he spoke, the more he made him and his whole company look like total dumbasses. Long story short, he said it would take MULTIPLE GIGABYTE PATCH to fix Garrus in Mass Effect.

Then can someone explain to me why someone else was able to fix it with a 661 KB patch? LOL.

Let's not forget how Mike Laidlaw or Chris Priestly (one of those asses) said that the retail version of Dragon Age 2 will ship with the High-res texture pack included on the DVD? Or how one of their employees purposely wrote positive reviews of their game on Metacritic? At least Laidlaw admitted to the game being utter crap and fessed up, finally.

I seriously hope Star Wars:The Old Republic crashes and burns and shuts down Bioware for good. Everything they've done is just so horrible now.

And for those of you that haven't seen the awesomeness that is SW:ToR, I present you with these awesome vids...

Here is the infamous 29:30 footage. (Warning: Language and loud sound in the video!)

LOL. Just LOL.

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