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you could spend half of those prices and get a nook color. that asus is nice, but you have a new mbp so you wont be wanting to replace your laptop anytime soon. thus, you want a quick and dirty way to do <insert actvity here>. i think spending 500 on a tablet if it's NOT replacing a laptop is silly. get a cheap tablet so you can do the things you need and call it good.

sure my nook color isnt a fancy as DD's asus, but i paid half and outside the keyboard attachment, i can do everything he does.

and as for flash, sure you dont care but it will come up, it always does... and saying "i dont have an interest in it" is flawed. its like saying "i dont have an interest in changing the oil in my car" - neither do i but i can promise you it will come up.

with my gadgets, i refuse to make a compromise in anything. if a device isnt capable of something i run across however often, then it's silly to use it.
Technically you only paid half of half.
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