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Default Re: Pair GTX590 are limited to 553 MHZ under Linux

More than two months ago we had a discussion here about my problem to use two GTX590 cards under Suse 11.3 Linux at full speed of 612Mhz, but the problem is still not resolved from Nvidia. They can reach only to performance level 2 (553Mhz core).
When you plan to fix this terrible problem for your high-end gamer cards and your costumers??????

The last response from Nvidia team was:

" Hi,
I tested again on the same system but this time using 1200W power supply and I could not reproduce the problem. Also I used a different OS, OpenSuse 11.4 x64.
So it strongly appears that there is an issue specific to your system and not a driver bug.
Let me know if I can help further.
Best regards,
However, I started to doubt about the quality of Nvidia last tests, because I received a message from colleague of mine who has the same problem as my. I use AMD CPU and motherboard, but he tested with several Intel systems. Moreover, he work on Fedora and tested on several versions. For me it is unbelievable too that there is a so big difference between OpenSuse 11.3 (my OS) and 11.4 (Nvidia test). I also tested with several combination of Nvidia cards, and no problem. For instance, I work now with GTX590 in a combination with GTX580. On my second machine I use GTX590 and GTX470 and again no problems. Another and important factor is that another my colleague wish to purchase 10 GTX590 cards for 5 PC's and asked me for advice.. What advice I can give in that situation..?

All of us use GTX 590 for scientific CUDA applications mostly Molecular Dynamics.

Thus, could Nvidia finally realize that THIS IS A DRIVER problem and could they help us to use Nvidia high-end gamer cards for our applications??? How long we should wait for that??


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